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Saturday, May 9, 2015
Free Pool opened up Wednesday to Thursday
Come out have a cold one and shoot some pool - FREE POOL Monday to Wednesday 6PM to close and FREE all day Thursday.

You hungry? checkout the food list posted behind the bar. Example only $2 bucks for a huge HOT DOG it's a smoking deal. Take it from me the hot dogs ROCK!
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Administrator's Message
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It's July, summer is here and boy is it. It has really been a warm one so far this past couple of weeks. Our new Board wants to extend our gratitude to the Members! Many thanks for keeping/making our Moose Lodge a success in its everyday endeavors. We appreciate each and everyone of you!!

There are many new ideas out there that we hope to hear and try and put a plan in place to get them rolling. Looking forward to getting the chance to meet each one of you!

Always remember your bartenders are the hardest working volunteers in the business! Please thank them, and remember you are why they are here. Please sign up anyone you think would be a good, loyal Moose 261 member.

Michael has generously donated a new TV! Thank you Michael!

There will be a family movie night Saturday, July 28th. Come out and enjoy a special movie night outside on the lawn with hamburgers and hotdogs dinner.

New dart boards are providing endless fun, and promote the opportunity for leagues. Anyone interested in a league can inquire to Joe Kelly the Moose Administrator. We started June off with a very tasty spaghetti dinne, a decadent Father's Day breakfast capped it all off with a delicious TEXAS BBQ, along with the grooving melodies live music provided by Sunday Vices! We did have a GREAT turnout for the BBQ. As your newsletter editor it was very encouraging to see the huge turnout. WAY TO GO! Thanks go to Jeff and Daniel for coming in early and getting prepared.

We scaled back the special events in July anticipating a very packed August calendar. Reminder, there is a District Breakfast that will be served Sunday July 9AM - 11AM.

Our board is still in need of a few good men. would like to thank Johnny Farrington who has stepped up into the Prelate position.

We would like like to thank Mrs. Jan Linberg she served as the Moose bartender for 9+ years and has now decided to go from one of our greatest bartenders to our best bar patron. Please thank her for her hard work and dedication.

Last but not least we would like to introduce our new bartender Sarah! Everyone come and introduce yourself.

Also a few changes that were approved by the Board. We now have FREE pool Wednesday 6PM to close. Thursday is FREE all day. Remember to show your ID and membership card for a free drink on your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL!

Governor - Daniel Dilks
Administrator - Joe Kelly

Governor's Message
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